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Facing the Masses

2012.03.15 15:17 Info Comments Off on Facing the Masses

facebookFact – people spend time on the “internet”, everyday, all the time, from anywhere. Most of them do not follow traditional rules. They ignore old-style pamphlets, mailshots and ads.

Fact: They have in-their-face recommendations from friends, comments from other users, +1’s from their nerdy colleagues, and countless references by circles and partners.

Fact: There are 750 million potential customers lurking on Facebook. Yes, some may be younger – so kill half of that number. Yes, some may be disinterested – lets kill another half. Lets kill another half just becasue we don’t know. No matter how you look at it, Facebook brings millions of potential customers to you that you did not have before.

Fact: Ignore the advertising power of Facebook at your own peril.

Fact: We can help you. Click like on our page, or send us a mail, or fill in our contact form.


Keeping you Customers Close – with Email

2012.03.15 14:52 Info Comments Off on Keeping you Customers Close – with Email

e-mailEmail remains the best (also cheapest and most secure) technology to maintain contact with existing customers. Your customers love hearing from you!

But also understand that if you get it wrong (too much, wrong addresses, unsolicited spam, etc) you can anger and alienate your best source of leads. So talk to us to help you setup a fully (legally) compliant mass mailing list, and teach you to operate it profitably. Or, we can teach you to do it yourself.

Just email us!


Your Professional Network

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linkedinYour name is probably your most precious asset, and it needs to be presented in a professional manner, on a professional platform.

The preferred platform for this activity is LinkedIn – the forum where professionals meet.

We can in fact integrate your website marketing with your LinkedIn profile to reduce duplication of effort. Contact us to show you how.


Search Engine Optimization

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While Google is currently the biggest search engine you can use, it is by no means the only game in town! Other notable routes to market exist, and Yahoo! or mobile must be factored into your decision.

Before you depart on an expensive journey to design wonderful and colourful graphics, just remember that Google indexes your site in T-E-X-T !

And remember your customers will search for your company or product using TEXT – they will not enter the colour of your website as a search term.

We are Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Webmasters and we can assist you with various approaches towards finding traction in the market.




Occasionally we have to stop work and smile a bit, right? OK, did you hear the one about the bartender?

A drunk was sitting in a bar, and says, “Bartender! Give me another drink.”

The bartender shakes his head and says, “No you’re already drunk.”

“Well,” the drunk says. “How about if I show you something really neat? Then, will you give me another drink?”

“Ok,” the bartender says. “It will have to be spectacular.”

The drunk takes a small saxophone and a frog out of his pockets and sets them on the bar. The frog picks up the saxophone and starts playing a jazzy song. The bartender says that is worth a drink. The drunk guzzles it down, and asks for another drink.

“You can’t have another one,” the bartender says. “You’ve had to many already.”

“If you let me have another drink I’ll show you more spectacular than the frog,” says the drunk. The bartender laughs at the drunk but he agrees to give him just one more drink. The drunk pulls out a hamster and puts it up on the bar beside the frog.

The frog begins to play the saxophone again, and the hamster begins to sing to the music. The bartender laughs, and sits another drink on the bar.

Another guy who was seated next to the drunk watching the show, says to him, “You’ve got an amazing team there. I’ll give you R1,000,000 for them right now.”

“They are not for sale,” the drunk says.

“Ok, R1,000,000 just for the frog.”

“He’s not for sale.”

“Ok, R1,000,000 just for the hamster.”

The drunk says ok, so the guy gives the drunk the money and walks out of the bar.

The bartender, shocked and confused asks the drunk, “Why did you sell the hamster? You broke up an amazing team!”

“No I didn’t,” the drunk says. “You see, the frog’s a ventriloquist.